Laundry Service at 245 Sumner

Bloom, a modern, eco-friendly dry cleaner at 108 Maverick St., wants to make your life easier. 
That's what the secure laundry drop-off box in the parking garage is for.
Here's how it works:
  • Secure drop-off 24/7 🔒
    Whenever it's convenient for you; no need to walk to a store or wait around for a pickup. All bags are retrieved by Bloom, not a third-party delivery provider.
  • Same-day and 24-hour rush services available (+$10, +$5) ⚡️
    When you need something in a rush, now you know exactly where to go. You don't have to plan for everything in advance — Bloom is your backup plan.
  • Payment info saved on file 💳
    Re-entering your credit card information with each order is less secure. Plus, you're just saying the same thing over and over. You're charged when the work is done (delivered).
  • Itemized invoices sent via email with every order 📝
    Less paper is good, and so is clear visibility into every order, accessible forever. It's also a secondary contact point in case your phone number changes or there's difficulty getting in touch. 
  • Quick, clear, easy support via text 💬
    We don't need a formal email from you, and you don't want to dial into a phone tree or fill out a form on our website. The same way you text your roommates asking about dinner, just text us.
  • Dedicated weekly delivery schedule (Tues and Thurs, 7 pm) 🗓
    With your approval, items will be left neatly at your door. Otherwise, we'll hand them directly to you. One missed pickup and we'll try again. After two there's a $5 fee. 
Best of all, every single item cleaned and/or altered will be done in-house and on-site by Bloom. Your personal belongings aren't being shipped around by a delivery company, they're being taken care of by a professional cleaning company — one that only uses products that are safe you and planet. 🌎
Sign up to to create your account and have a personal laundry bag sent to you to begin service. Your bag will arrive within 24 hours.