Take care.

When something is freshly cleaned it provides a rewarding sense of calm and renewed energy. It temporarily blocks out the noisy call to consume more new stuff, and provides a reminder of the value in the things we already own. That is why we truly believe clean is a sign of care.
At Bloom, we combine technical cleaning expertise with modern design and thoughtful, personal hospitality, to create an experience that is one of a kind. Our mission is to care for others by taking care of the belongings that matter most to them.
Take care, 


Everett - 704 Broadway

Malden - 480 Main St.

(857) 425-8054


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Malden, MA:

M-Sat: 11 - 3
Sun: Closed

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M-F: 10 - 6
Sat: 10-5; Sun: Closed

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