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4 questions you should ask your dry cleaner

Your clothes are an investment — or at least they should be. ​You want them to last and you want to get your money out of them. That's why when choosing a dry cleaner it's important to ensure you find the right service for the right price. 
These 4 questions can help you narrow down the pool and make the best selection. 
1. What services do you offer?
Dry cleaners generally offer a wide range of services, which can vary significantly from one dry cleaner to another. Services that you may be interested in inquiring about include: 
  • Upholstery: Does the dry cleaner perform in-home upholstery care?
  • Restoration: Is the dry cleaning company able to restore antique and heirloom items?
  • Preservation: Does the dry cleaner specialize in preserving special garments such as baptismal gowns?
  • Odor removal: Does the dry cleaner offer odor removal services?
  • Storage: Does the dry cleaner offer off-season clothing storage for your convenience?
  • Alterations: Does the dry cleaner have a seamstress on staff for alterations?
  • Large Items: Does the dry cleaner clean large items such as comforters and rugs?
Finding a dry cleaner who offers all the services you're interested in creates added convenience and efficiency for you.
2. What is your turnaround time? 
Depending on your lifestyle, turnaround time might be a differentiator when selecting a dry cleaning service provider. Knowing how long it takes to have alterations or cleaning done as well as any options they offer for expedited services can ensure you choose the dry cleaner who is able to meet the demands of your work or personal schedule. 
3. How do your handle errors?
Seeing hundreds or thousands of pieces a week, the truth about dry cleaning is that it is inevitable that items will get lost or damaged. The important part is how can you expect the dry cleaner to respond if one of your garments is lost or damaged while in their care?
Do they have an agreement that summarizes their satisfaction and replacement policy and how does it compare to other service providers you're considering? It's important to understand that all dry cleaners make errors from time to time; the most critical aspect to consider is how they correct these mistakes to ensure customer satisfaction.
4. What is your pricing?
While pricing is quite standard for dry cleaning services, you should never select a service provider without comparing pricing between your top contenders. Even more important to note is that the least expensive provider is not necessarily the provider you should choose. Instead, consider what you get with the cost of services and choose the provider who offers the greatest value. For example, if you can have your dry cleaning done in four hours for one price at ABC Cleaners, but you can have it done in one hour plus free hemming at DriClean for 10% more, you may choose DriClean because the value is better although the cost is higher.