Luxury Laundry

at 100 Shawmut

Higher standard(s) of living.

It's not just the surroundings of your building that make it special; it's the services provided inside of it. Eliminate your chores and enjoy the amenities you deserve - that's what luxury laundry service is for. 

The garment care services / benefits listed below are exclusively available to you and are designed to help you spend more time doing all the things that allow you to feel your best.

👀 In-House, On-Site. Pickup & delivery, tailoring, dry cleaning & pressing - everything is done in-house, nothing is sent off-site (i.e. goes out of sight). Over 25 years of experience.

🌱 Eco-friendly. Trust us; you don't want to know what type of chemicals are used by most dry cleaners. They're not clean. We're constantly working to improve - i.e. to eliminate - our use of plastic, water and harmful chemicals. 

💵 More Service, More Savings. Laundry prices go down when consecutive use goes up (pricing starts at $1.95/lb., drops by $0.05/lb, up to $0.50/lb overall.). Earn credits for dry cleaning / alterations with each laundry order.

🧺 Wash Dry & Fold. Washed your way, not one-size-fits-all. Air dried or high heat. Delicates on cold or warm wash for whites / heavy soil. Scented or odorless. Specialized care for sportswear. Precise folding.

🛠 Free Repairs. Buttons that go missing, seams that loosen or open - even with caution, these things happen, so wear and tear is taken care of at no extra charge.

🍔 Local Love. Wash & Fold orders earn entry into a monthly gift card giveaway to local restaurants. Freed up from laundry means more time to enjoy your favorite neighborhood hotspots.

Speedy Service. Dry cleaning is done in a day (24 hours), laundry is done in half (12 hours). The one benefit of in-home is usually that it’s faster. Not any more.

🛌 Better Bedding. The feeling of rejuvenation that comes from sleeping on pressed bedsheets is usually only available at a hotel; now it can happen at home - have your sheets professionally pressed.

🪞Private Tailoring. Try on your clothes in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Regularly scheduled tailor visits or on-demand appointments for an extra fee.

🏡 Homewares Care. The 3 Cs - comforters, curtains, carpets - bulky items that need deep cleaning (esp. with pets). Have everything carried out and cleaned without lifting a finger. One complimentary comforter cleaning per year in addition to any "3C" items you select for service.

🎂 Gift Bags. To celebrate move-in, a birthday, or a job promotion, everything put into the provided laundry bag is cleaned for free. Special days are meant to be enjoyed.

🏷 Personal (Reusable) > Plastic. Instead of throwaway plastic coverings, receive a free laundry bag and garment bag that better protect your clothes and the planet.

📦 Garment Storage. Make room for more clothes, or for a home office; use our climate-controlled storage for all bulky / seasonal garments and simplify what stays around to only what’s in-use now (i.e. what’s necessary).

💳 Digital / Contactless. Instead of paper receipts and cash-only service, this is dry cleaning for the digital age. You can place new service requests, see your order history, save your cleaning preferences, manage payments and see what's in your "closet" (storage) all from your cell phone (or computer).

For additional questions about pricing, service options, our online portal, or anything else, text us: