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8 tips for a keeping a clean home

Americans are busier today than ever before, which means that keeping your home clean is harder today than it has ever been. With limited time for housekeeping, these eight tips can help you keep your home clean despite time constraints.
1. Have your bedding dry cleaned once a month. This reduces allergens, protects your linens from the damage caused by machine washing, and keeps your sheets soft and tight-fitting. Because all you have to do is drop it off and pick it up, it requires little time commitment.
2. Tidy up your bathroom during your morning routine. If you swish the toilet and wipe out the sink and counter while the shower warms up every morning, it becomes a 30-second habit that keeps your bathroom guest-ready at all times.
3. Bypass the kitchen sink. By putting your dishes directly into the dishwasher, you never end up with a pile of unsightly or foul-smelling dishes in the sink and never have to dedicate 20-30 minutes to dishes at a time.
4. Pull up your covers when you climb out of bed. By pulling up your covers every morning, your protect your sheets from dust and pet dander, keeping them fresh until their next dry cleaning.
5. Leave the laundry to the experts. Choose one day a week when you grab your hamper and deliver it to the dry cleaners, pick it up hanging and ready to go, and simply hang when you get home. This can save you 2-10 hours per week, depending on the number of people who live with you.
6. Keep a garbage near the entry. If you enter the house through the garage, keep a small garbage can near the door in the garage. This allows you to toss the trash from your car and any junk mail you grabbed out of the mailbox on your way in so the clutter never even reaches the kitchen counter.
7. Declutter for one minute daily. Set a timer for just 60 seconds and toss everything you see that doesn't belong. This includes junk mail, school papers you've already reviewed, old newspapers, clothes that don't fit, and more. Do the worst first. If you have a big chore to do, get it out of the way first thing in the morning to avoid the dread and energy drain that comes with it.
8. Use your phone to stay on track. Schedule your repetitive chores like cleaning the fridge and scrubbing the floors to ensure you get a reminder when it's time to complete them. This can help you stay on schedule.
When all else fails, get help. If you're unable to keep up, consider hiring a cleaner to assist with jobs that seem to fall through the cracks.