Wash Dry Fold @ Bloom

It's as EASY as 1,2,3.

💵 Affordable. The lowest price in the area: $0.89 per pound.

🌱 Healthy. Know what type of chemicals are in economy detergents? Trust us; you don't want to know. Every detergent we offer is eco-friendly.

🌎 Safe. When you wash your clothes at home you send millions of plastic microfibers into the water supply. Our machines have specialized filters that trap those microscopic pollutants.

📝 Personalized. They're your clothes; they should be cleaned the way you want. We offer a variety of detergents to choose from at no extra cost.

🧠 Expertly done. Our staff started in dry cleaning. We know how to take care of garments piece by piece, not in piles. 

No extra cost if you drop off and pickup at our East Boston store (108 Maverick St.). At this time, pickup & delivery is an extra $10.

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