Girl smiling wearing a flower wreath


The benefits of dry cleaning

We truly believe in the power of clean. Clean is a refresh, it's a restart that provides clarity and renewed energy. Clean is a sign of care, and care is the common thread woven through the fabric of society — care for things, places, and most important of all, people. 
Our mission at Bloom is to provide truly great care for the belongings of others so they can get more out of them. So that instead of constantly needing to acquire and accumulate new stuff,  which is a dangerous cycle for the planet, they can make the most of what they have. 
What others might consider old, we call storied. Old stuff has stories. We want to help people write their next chapter, one that begins with a fresh start full of energy. That gets at the core of everything we do: taking care of people by taking care of their stuff. 
Take care,