We've got you covered.

100% cotton, reusable face masks w/ filter pocket.
The perfect blend of comfort, protection & durability.
To make a purchase, please let us know the following:
  • quantity
  • adults / kids
  • male, female, unisex
  • pickup location (Everett or East Boston, mail (+$7)) 
You can contact us by text (or voicemail; 617-829-2708) or email ( We will reply with confirmation.
1 for $10 or 2 for $15​ (no limit)

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Proudly made by hand ✋🏼 with heart ❤️ in Boston. ☘️
Unlike most paper products which are made using chemicals such as formaldehyde and fiberglass, our filters are chemical-free, made of plant fibers that are harmless to the body.
Filters will allow you to increase the protection of your mask without making it more difficult to breathe or uncomfortable to wear.
Filter Packs (sold separate):
  • $5 for 12 filters
  • $10 for 25
  • $25 for 100

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