Caretakers deserve our care.

Countless brave medical professionals are working non-stop in facilities all around Boston to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Not just doctors and nurses; dietary aides, pharmacy techs, engineers, IT, security, cafe staff, physical therapists, social workers, registration staff, and many more.
Understaffed, facing constant unknowns, surrounded by a swarm of dangerous germs and bacteria; to say they're "wearing it on their sleeve" is real, and dangerous — their clothes are contaminated. But how can we expect them to have any more time or energy to take care of themselves properly? 
That's why we're offering free laundry care for all hospital workers. 
Many consider Boston the top hospital city in the US — a title that is earned with a team effort. Now it's time to play our role.
You can support this effort by purchasing a facemask, which will help cover our costs, or simply by sharing this with someone you know who works at a hospital and encouraging them to contact us (hello@bloomcleaners.com).