Luxury Laundry

The ultimate convenience.

If you live in a luxury building, you deserve luxury service. Pickup and delivery is all that most garment care companies provide - and maybe a laundry bag. We think there's room for a lot more.

The following is included with Bloom's "Luxury Laundry" service...

💵 Discounts. The price of our wash & fold service goes down as usage goes up ($0.01 per week of use, up to $0.50 per pound), starting at $1.95 per pound. All other cleaning (and/or pressing) is 10-20% off retail price.

🧠 Professional service. We're not a delivery driver who outsources cleaning to another company. Everything is done in-house by staff with over 25 years of experience.

🌱 Eco-friendly. Do you know what type of chemicals are in most detergents and, even worse, used by most dry cleaners? Trust us; you don't want to know. They're not clean. Every cleaning agent we use is eco-friendly - and we're working towards a replacement for all plastic bags too.

🛠 Free repairs. Missing buttons, simple tears... These things happen, it's not your fault  - so we're not going to charge you to fix them.

🧵50% off alterations. No reason to settle for anything that fits "good enough". Tweak it exactly to your liking.

*Speed. 24-hour dry cleaning, 12-hour laundry.

🛌 Complimentary comforter. It's the item you use most and (probably) clean the least. Don't worry about carrying it to the laundromat or stuffing it in your machine. We'll clean it complimentary 1x/year (and any other time you want / need us to).

🧵 *In-home tailoring. You don't have to go anywhere; our tailor will come to you, so you can try stuff on in complete comfort and privacy (it's also safer now during COVID).

🏡 Homewares care. Comforters, curtains, carpets - we'll do the heavy lifting of picking them up, carrying them out, and bringing them back - and the heavy cleaning too. 

🎂 Birthday gift. Put everything in your laundry bag and have it all cleaned for free. It's your special day; you deserve it.

🏷 Personal laundry bag. You'll receive a personal laundry bag (with a name tag) that we'll also clean on a regular schedule so you're not carrying germs in/out of your home.

🧺 Wash Dry & Fold. No nasty chemicals. Air dried when needed. Delicate wash on cold, or hygienic heat / warm wash for whites / heavy soil. Professional folding. Finishing scents or odorless. You make the choices, we clean accordingly.

📦 *Garment Storage. You have to pay for each square foot of your home - use them wisely. Leave the bulky / seasonal stuff with us to avoid clutter, and make room for only what you need right now.

💳 Digital / Contactless. A receipt is saved and send to you with each order. Your order preferences are saved. Payments happen via card on file so they're secure and contactless.

Plan options:

VIP: $25 per month or $250 per year​

All of the benefits above.
(Cancel at any time.)

A la carte: $0 / month / year
Items with a (*) are not included.

Monday / Thursday weekly pickup & delivery.

To sign up, or schedule your first pickup, text us. 


Everett - 704 Broadway

Malden - 480 Main St.

(857) 425-8054

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