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Our job is to keep things clean.

That means every-thing.

Room Service by Bloom is a professional cleaning service that keeps your residents safe, makes living in your building feel like living in a hotel, and increases your NOI.
Following the outbreak of COVID-19, cleanliness is more important than ever. How are you addressing this new normal? 
Do your residents now have to spend more time doing laundry? (That's not luxury living.)
Are your residents worried that what's carried inside by others will spread throughout the building? (That won't improve retention.)
Do you have to spend more time and money to understand and/or address these new problems? (That's not great for your bottom line.)
The answer to all three questions *can be* NO -- if you offer Room Service by Bloom.





Raise your cleaning standards without raising a finger.

Add convenience & security to residents' lives without adding service costs.

Grow your building's NOI via revenue share.

Room Service is not just about the room itself; it's a comprehensive cleaning service for EVERYTHING INSIDE. 
There's nothing that gets left behind; nothing to carry to a store, or coordinate a delivery for. And there's no issue with personal items being touched by multiple people (hopefully not left unattended) before getting to their home.
You can't control where residents go when they leave the building — and what they bring back inside as a result. But you can control how everything inside is taken care of.
Control what you can control. 


These are the primary transfer point between one's hands and their noise, ears and eyes (the paths of entry for COVID-19). Proper care is both strong enough to kill germs but delicate enough to maintain the durability and comfort of the natural fibers.


Clothes that get dry cleaned are likely passed between (at least) the cleaner, the delivery driver, and building staff...each time increasing the spread of germs. End-to-end oversight of the process eliminates this.


Small efficiency machines don't properly clean large items. Given the amount of bacteria that festers on them, they need to be a priority. 
Hypoallergenic detergent, delicate spot treatment, high-strength over-sized cleaning machines, and a combination of machine, air and steam drying. 


What's on the floor is far more than what meets the eye. However, it's not our eyes that are suffer, it's our breathing. The carpet is an air filter. Having it cleaned on a weekly basis keeps the air fresher (air that is carried throughout the building via HVAC systems).

Room Service by Bloom is not just responsive and convenient, but protective. Complete cleaning care — every where, were and ware.

Don't wait for an outbreak to occur.
Take care of your residents now.

We'll provide more cleanliness to your building, time and security to your residents, and profits to your business.