A personal, professional touch.

Over 20 years of professional cleaning experience, including thousands of customers served and tens of thousands of garments successfully cleaned, the expert care you receive at Bloom will help you look great in your clothes for years to come.
A personal trainer for your clothes.

Dry Clean

Nothing stays in tip-top shape on its own. Knowing exactly what your clothes need to remain in their best form — so they feel brand new after wear number one and two — that's what we do best.

Wash & Fold

From to-do to ta-da — to done.  
If doing your laundry every week feels like a chore, you're probably not giving your clothes the attention they deserve, which means less wear and more tear. Our easy-drop service will get you in and out, and onto better things.
Tweak (to tweak) to peak (you).
Since most clothes are made to fit a mannequin, it's necessary for them to be slightly adjusted to reach a person's best fit. With a professional tailor on-site we can help you get there, no extra trips required.


Gown Preservation

The most emotional day of your life deserves nothing less than the utmost care and attention — which is exactly why we've worked hard to become experts at the delicate work involved to properly clean and preserve wedding dresses.
Special treatment for special moments.

Uniform Press

The right press to impress.
Special outfits require special attention to look their best. Let us give your outfit the specific, detailed press it needs to look its best — that way you can too.


Worth the extra attention.
You invested in something that can last a lifetime — if it's treated properly. We can make sure to give your stuff the handcrafted, meticulous care it needs.   

"I want to be at my best for work — that starts with how I dress. But I don't want to spend time and effort thinking about my clothes. Bloom makes it  a no-brainer, with reliable, convenient, high-quality service." 

Give the gift of clean. 

The best gifts include give and take — give the feeling of brand new clothes, and take something off the to-do list of someone you care about.
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Where you lay your head and feet to rest.


The same expert cleaners who care for your clothes can freshen up your most-used (but often ignored) household items.
Meeting you more than halfway.


When and where is convenient, picking up anything you need, caring for it just how you like — all without you lifting a finger. 
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