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10 reasons why you should have your clothes dry cleaned

While many people reserve using a dry cleaner for clothes that an't be machine washed, using a professional cleaner is a great way to wash all of your clothes for a number of reasons. 
Consider the benefits of having your clothes professionally cleaned: 
  • Dry cleaning has the ability to remove stains that water can't remove. In additiona, it protects your garments from the risks associated with washing with water, such as color bleeding, shrinking and fading.
  • Most dry cleaners offer alterations in addition to laundering, which means you can have your clothes laundered and altered to fit perfectly in a single stop. We offer alterations at Bloom.
  • A good cleaner can replace missing buttons or tighten up buttons that have come lose over time. 
  • All of your clothes are crisp, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear when you pick them up. Not only do you save the time you would have spent sorting and washing, but also the time it takes to iron and hang. 
  • Dry cleaners can also care for larger household items like pillows, rugs, drapes, blankets, and comforters, for your added convenience and cleanliness. 
  • Dry cleaning employees are fabric experts; they know exactly the care that each garment requires, including how to remove difficult stains and how to protect the garment from damaged or unwanted changes. 
  • Dry cleaning is much more likely to remove tough orders than laundering your clothes in your home washing machine. As a matter of fact, many dry cleaners specialize in odor removal.
  • Your delicate fabrics can be laundered appropriately without damage when you bring them to do a dry cleaner. whether you have a necktie, prom dress, something made of leather, or even a wedding dress, your local dry cleaner knows exactly how to care for it.
  • Some dry cleaners are able to preserve special garments such as baptism gowns or wedding gowns. This ensures your items can be stored safely and preserved for many years to come.