Valet Laundry

Taking care of everything you wear.

Simplify your life, elevate your style.
Outsource your laundry to Bloom Cleaners, partner to Boston's best hotels (Ritz-Carlton, The Newbury, Boston Harbor, The Langham and more).

Standard Service

🧠 Expert care. All garment care is provided by Boston's premier hotel partner (with The Ritz-Carlton, The Langham, The Newbury, and 15 more).

🚙 Pickup & Delivery. You don't have to carry your clothes anywhere; everything will be picked up and dropped off 7 days a week.

Speedy returns. Next-day delivery.

📱Digital. Place a service request, view your account info., or receive customer support at any time through text/online-based systems. 

🌱 Eco-friendly. Cold water, natural (and/or plant-based) cleaning agents, air-drying and reusable packaging are used as much as possible.

💵 Affordable. The lowest dry cleaning prices offered by any vendor in the city, guaranteed.

All of the above are available every time you place a dry cleaning order, no extra charge. The additional benefits below are unlocked with a monthly membership.

Membership Benefits

💵 Even more affordable. One monthly price ($85) for all of your laundry; even lower prices on dry cleaning. Plus, every 10 lbs of laundry earns $1 credit toward dry cleaning / alteration credit.

Even speedier returns. Same-day delivery.

🧺 Washed your way. Your laundry doesn't get grouped into a one-size-fits-all "economy" process; everything is cleaned according to your preferences with select detergent, scent, and wash/dry options.

🛠 Free repairs. Missing buttons, loose seams  - even with caution, these things happen. Wear and tear is taken care of at no extra charge.

🛌 Comforter care. Complimentary comforter cleaning 2x/year at no extra cost.

🎂 Gift bags. On your birthday, $50 in free dry cleaning credit.

🏷 Owned > Used. Instead of single-use plastic, your own reusable bag to protect your clothes and the planet.

📦 Storage. Take out all bulky/seasonal items and give yourself more room for activities. (This is an optional add-on for $15/month.)

Price List (A la carte / Membership)

Button-Down Shirt ..... $2.75  /  $1.95
Dress Pants ..... $5.95  /  $4.45 
Blazer ..... $7.95  /  $5.75
2-pc Suit ..... $13.95  /  $9.95 
Vest ..... $5.95  /  $3.95

Jeans / Pants ..... $5.95  /  $3.95 
Dress ..... $14.95  /  $9.95 
Skirt ..... $5.45  /  $3.95
Sweater ..... $5.45  /  $3.95
Jacket ..... $19.95  /  $14.95
Polo ..... $4.95  /  $3.95 
T-Shirt ..... $2.45  /  $1.45

Wash / Dry / Fold ..... $1.50  /  $-

For additional questions about pricing, service options, our online portal, or anything else, text us: