Wash Dry Fold @ Bloom

It's as EASY as 1,2,3.

💵 Affordable. $0.99 per pound.

🌱 Healthy. Know what chemicals are in economy detergents? Trust us; you don't want to know. Every detergent we offer is eco-friendly.

🌎 Safe. Home washers allow millions of plastic microfibers into the water supply. Our machines don't -- they have specialized filters that trap those microscopic pollutants.

📝 Personalized. They're your clothes; they should be cleaned the way you want. We offer a variety of detergents to choose from at no extra cost.

🧠 Expertly done. Our staff started in dry cleaning. We know how to take care of garments piece by piece, not in piles. And quickly: ready within 24 hours (same-day service for $5 extra).

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Answers to your questions...

Is there a minimum requirement? 

No. We tend to find most customers develop a weekly routine so they're never suddenly growing in dirty clothes. In an emergency, same-day same is available for individual items. 

What detergents do you offer?
Only eco-friendly options. Econonomical powders and store-brand options are toxic to your skin and the water supply -- and eco-friendly options clean just as well. 

Is there an extra charge for certain "add-ons"? 

Yes. Dryer sheets and fabric softener cost extra. That's because the harm they do over the long term isn't worth the short-term benefit. Clothes that are cleaned properly don't *need* them. But they're your clothes, and we want to clean them to your liking, so we have these options available. 

What if I don't pick up more clothes when they're ready? Can you deliver?

There's a $5 delivery charge for next-day delivery. If we aren't able to deliver the next day there will be $5-per-week storage fee. 

What's the turnaround time. ​

Typically, within 24-hours, unless otherwise noted. Same-day service is available for $5 extra. 

What happens in the case I believe something has been damaged and/or missing?

If you believe something has been returned to you damaged and/or missing, please contact us within 48 hrs so we can help try and resolve the issue.

What if I have a question you didn't answer?

Great question! Text us (617.829.2708) and ask away.